terya-logo-edited-2012.pngTeryia  is a word meaning friendship, in the West African language of Bambara.

Teryia online here and on Facebook  are our meeting places to document the relationship between Sanankoro Djitoumou commune (region) in Mali West Africa, and the communities of Agassiz in the District of Kent and the Village of Harrison Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada.

Teryia’s mission is to share the connection we have, and create local fundraising initiatives while learning about each others cultures.

To date, five mulit-purpose nut grinders have been purchased in consultation with the Malian women. They also contributed to the purchase and were involved in the process of buying each of the grinders. Use of these grinders improve their shea butter product, a means to contribute back to their community plus enhance their own lives.

All 27 villages in the commune  now have access to the grinders and the women now lend money to the men in return for a small interest. This will sustain the grinders as the men borrow for fertilizers, seeds and small equipment. In this way the women help them.

The Malian women would like to again work together towards future projects including  creating a micro credit for women. At this point there is one micro credit fund in the commune accessible for the men only.

The flight of several birds in unison makes noise. 
                                     – Malian saying